NLP Gurgaon Dates

Our NLP & Life Coach Training Centre in Gurgaon hosts NLP Trainings almost every month. These trainings are conducted by Ashish Sehgal, who is well known for his expertise and is a coach to thousands of individuals since more than a decade.

When can I attend the NLP training in Gurgaon?

The annual calendar and the dates of these trainings are available on the following link.
Dates of NLP Trainings in Gurgaon

What is the duration of NLP Training in Gurgaon?

The duration of NLP Practitioner Training in Gurgaon is Five (5) Days, and comes with a post program support of 1 year.

During these five days, you master various concepts, models and skills of NLP in an experiential & practical ways.

The post program support includes Free* Revisits to the NLP training program and NLP Practice Sessions.

How to book the next NLP Training in Gurgaon?

It is quite simple actually. You have researched about NLP Trainings available in Gurgaon and now you really wanna go for it. You can get in touch, and fix an appointment for a personal meeting, or phone conversation with the NLP trainer.

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